5 Reasons to Invest in Your Logo

Published :
May 29, 2019
Last updated:
January 22, 2021
Logo design take time, money, and refinement

Logos. You see them everywhere. They exist on practically every manmade object or surface that sees human eyes. Some are so recognizable that we no longer need to be told to whom they belong. National brands like Apple and Starbucks have achieved an incredible level of notoriety that has positioned them as industry leaders. While the logo itself did not build the Macbook or concoct the perfect pumpkin-spiced latte, it provided one thing that is the core of every business's success: trust.

As you begin your new business, your logo is perhaps the last thing on your mind. Between the permits and licenses and leases – the logo can wait. Right? Maybe you can get some friend-of-a-friend to design a logo for you? Or maybe one of those instant logo design websites?

But before you do, read my list of 5 Reasons to Invest in your Business Logo.

1. Your Logo Is Your Business

Whether you are just starting a business or you have long-since established yourself as a competitive force in your respective market, building your business's reputation is a crucial part of the startup. Garnering trust begins by capturing a great first impression. In essence, if the business doesn't care about its products or services, why should the customer? A great logo can be the reason a customer initially connects with your brand.

Defining color palettes and overall branding components helps to build a stronger vision for your company

2. It Is Your Story

Your logo is the starting point of your brand – but it is NOT your brand. Instead,  your logo represents the ideas behind your brand. It captures your story in an impactful manner. Having a solid logo will act as the stepping stone in the discovery and creation of your brand messaging. These messages must correspond and connect with your audience. A great logo designer can take seemingly disconnected pieces of your story and mold it into a beautiful icon of your brand.

3. Uniqueness Is Invaluable

I'm sure you've seen the ads selling instant logos. These websites have a way of selling you on the idea that you are getting a custom logo for a fraction of the cost. Unfortunately, these sites operate on limited combination options. So, through chance, the likelihood of ending up with the same logo as Susan Soapmaker is extremely likely. Not only could you end up with a duplicate logo, but you also run the risk of having copyright issues should Susan decide she wanted to claim the copyright. With professionally designed logos, you can be assured that your business logo is unique.

Steer away from logos on demand websites. These often are mass produced.

3. As Your Business Grows, So Should Your Logo

Whether you are starting online or in a brick and mortar building, you will inevitably find a need for multiple logo variations. In the digital age, the need to have flexibility in your logo production, sizing, and implementation. Having a designer prepare your logo files in the correct formats for future production will simplify your life and your business.

4. Return On Investment

As stated before, your first impression is crucial to your success as a start-up. Having a well-designed logo conveys your commitment to your brand promise. People connect and remember images more often than words. Investing in your logo is a signal to the world that you value your contributions and value the perception of your clientele. Even in today's fast-changing world, a great logo design can withstand years, if not decades. This makes the investment on your logo and business very reasonable and sound. Imagine having the ability to earn the trust and repeat business of customers – all from one image?

Your logo should excite you to share and should inspire others.

5. Good Is Not Great

I think it is fair to assume that if you are reading this you are starting your business with the intent of being successful. With all the competition in the marketplace, wouldn't you want to give yourself the best possible chance to make that happen? Settling for a cheap, stock logo does not produce great confidence in your customer base and therefore will not yield great results. Your logo should be the reflection of all that you want your business to accomplish, growing with you, and uniquely representing your story. Your business isn't good – it's great!

The same should be for your logo.

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