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A Connecticut-based kombucha brewery that proudly provides a healthy alcohol alternative beverage.

Scope of Work

Cross Culture Kombucha is a flavorful and bold product, so we set out to capture that essence in their marketing materials. From printed sale sheets to vibrant, colorful van wraps and t-shirts, we excited existing customers and captured new tastebuds.

Crafted in Danbury

Cross Culture Kombucha boasts a wide variety of revolving and seasonal flavors. Currently located in Danbury, Connecticut, the CCK can be found at local farmers markets, retail stores, and even be purchased on their website.

Cross Culture Kombucha Flavor Lineup, 2021

Apparel and Promo

Liz and Ian's passion for providing healthy, alcohol-free beverages to their community fueled these fun, hand-illustrated t-shirt designs.

Illustrated Tshirts, 2019

Booch Bus

Deliveries never looked so good! This custom illustrated van wrap feature a stylized illustration of CCK's base of Danbury, Connecticut and a functional bar tap scene - yes, the taps work!

Vehicle Wrap Illustration, 2019

Retail Expansions

As Cross Culture Kombucha expands into more retail locations, we developed eye-catching marketing materials like glass clings, banners, and signage.

Retail Glass Cling, 2021

Website Redesign

Covid19 impacted businesses of all industries and prompted sometimes dramatic shifts in business models. We proudly partnered with Bingley Digital to head the redesign of Cross Culture Kombucha's new e-commerce and wholesale website to accommodate their new requirements while elevating their brand appeal.

CCK website redesign in partnership with Bingley Digital, 2020

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