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A bookings and reservations experience that funtastically enhances your vacation

Funtastic World Travel is owned by an independent travel agent located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Funtastic creates stress-free, affordable, and most of all, funtastic travel experiences when coordinating travel arrangements. 

Our Role 

Brand Identity Design • Stationery Design • Web Design

A Funtastic Story

Funtastic World Travel sought to bring about a fun, exciting travel experience when Lovo Media Labs partnered with them in 2019. We sought to establish a brand by building their digital recognition. We designed an adaptable logo and brand system that can grow as they begin expanding their bookings and service offerings.

The process began with a conversation to develop a deep understanding of their customers and vision. Together, we crafted a unique brand experience ranging across print and digital that increased customer perception and bookings.

Funtastic World Travel, Airport Advertisement, 2020

Developing the Strategy

Adventure Awaits

Funtastic World Travel described its ideal customer as families made up of adventure-seekers, globetrotters, and even first-time travelers. They enjoy the thrill of discovering hidden beaches and relaxing in the rays of an unfamiliar sun, or cruising the icy coasts of Alaska under the lights of the aurora borealis, or even exploring the ruins of a lost ancient city. Building the brand experience around these customer profiles helped to establish a strong communication plan to retain existing customers while attracting new ones as well.

Branding Basics


Logo design for Funtastic World Travel


Pen & Paper, Wacom Tablet, Adobe Suite

Brand Identity Design

A logo is a tool, when built successfully, establishes strong connections with its customers and users. A logo is the core element for branding and marketing. Based on our user research and analysis, we constructed several options. The logo was to be modern and simple, but still, hold an element of playfulness that could play out across multiple mediums.

Funtastic World Travel, Logo Sketches by Lovo Media Labs, 2019

Color Palette

For Funtastic World Travel, we chose to emphasize the vivid colors of nature. We focused on light water tones as primary color palette, accented by the earthy tones of rich soil and sand.

Funtastic World Travel, Brand Color Palette by Lovo Media Labs, 2019


Lovo Media Labs developed an entire identity system to grow as Funtastic World Travel expands and grows its business. The brand included establishing a logo, color palettes, typefaces, and pattern treatments. This allows us to build cohesive assets across digital and print collateral.

As with most of our work, we believe the truth exists in the basics. Pencil sketching allows us to easily and quickly explore logo silhouettes and visualize our initial ideas. It not only helps inform our approach to designing the logo but also how to interpret the overall identity system.

Funtastic World Travel, Social Media Design by Lovo Media Labs, 2020

Additional Opportunities

Social Media

Driving new business through social media is perhaps the greatest area of opportunity for Funtastic World Travel. The most recognizable brands on social media achieve success through consistent content posting. By optimizing their social media profiles, Funtastic could grow its brand profiles by 42%.

Funtastic World Travel, Promotional Opportunities, 2020

Branded Merchandise

After the logo design was approved and tested, we worked through the best practices for brand implementation. We applied the final designs to company materials like t-shirts and business cards. Also, we recognized the opportunity for promotion through branded customer appreciation swag like monthly "passport" booklet planners and tote bags.


Operating on an independent booking website is Funtastic World Travel's biggest goal. This website is still in the concept development phase of design.

Funtastic World Travel, Web Design by Lovo Media Labs, 2020
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