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A Hoppy Story

Lovo Media Labs partnered with Hops on the Hill when it was still in the infancy stage of development. Owners Phil and Al understood the opportunity to create a place for Glastonbury locals to unplug and enjoy the company of family and friends over a great craft beer. 

Hops on the Hill, Brand Identity by Lovo Media Labs, 2018

Developing the Strategy

Don't Worry, Be Hoppy

Lovo begins every project with an in-depth look at the company. We examine all the layers: the origin story, the business, the passion, the individual players. We look at every facet to accurately understand and refine the company's vision and message. For Hops on the Hill, their mission was simple: to bring people together, to share experiences of local farms, to enjoy the outdoor environment, to live more simply and easily, and to make the community better.

After researching and examining their ideal demographic, we focused our efforts to appeal to millennial families (86'-mid 90's) within a 12-mile radius of downtown Glastonbury. This informed our messaging strategy to reach new potential customers. 

Branding Basics


Brand Identity Design, Packaging, Social Media, Strategy


Pen & Paper, Wacom Tablet, Adobe Suite

Brand Identity Design

Hops on the Hill had a natural opportunity to utilize a combination of the name and the venue to create the logo system. Hops on the Hill built upon the existing tobacco barn, refurbishing the charming structure into a place of a revitalized community space. This act of paying tribute to the past, while building for the future is what makes Hops on the Hill so remarkable. 

Hops on the Hill, Logo Concept Sketches by Lovo Media Labs, 2018

We understood the need to reflect these attributes in the brand identity design system. The logo should be forward-thinking, nostalgic, and simple. It should invoke a feeling of belonging, community, and comfort. It should, in short, inspire happiness.

Color Palette

For the Hops on the Hill Color Palette, we referenced the greens of hops, and the dark grey/browns of the original standing barn.

Hops on the Hill, Color Palette by Lovo Media Labs, 2018


With any new or growing business, the brand should have room to grow as the company does. The brand included a logo, color palettes, typeface recommendations, and pattern treatments. This allows us to build cohesive assets across digital and print collateral.

Hops on the Hill has an amazing story that demands to be told. Together, we sketched and refined and edited the logo, relying on traditional methods of conceptualization like sketching to define the logo characteristics and form.

Additional Opportunity


Currently, beer is available for purchase only at the brewery which is located in Glastonbury, Connecticut. There is, however, potential to increase sales by expanding to retail sales and offering online purchasing. Securing a strong shelf-appeal is essential to break through the saturated craft beer market. 

Hops on the Hill, Package Design by Lovo Media Labs, 2020

Branded Merchandise

Initially, we established a test run for select branded merchandise. This included t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and various glassware. Potential for additional materials include bottle openers, koozies, and even branded cornhole sets.

Social Media

Increasing social media engagement is an opportunity for all businesses. Developing a standard template pack to connect with followers and drive overall consistency in the brand would strengthen brand recognition and loyalty.


Optimizing Hops on the Hill's web experience, by streamlining content and offering online purchases of beer and swag, would allow customers to have a seamless brand experience in and out of the brewery.

Hops on the Hill, Web Design Concept by Lovo Media Labs, 2020

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