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Milwaukee's longest operating inclusive nightlife scene for LGBTQ+

Founded in 1968, This Is It! sits in the heart of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The bar provides entertainment and educational resources to LGBTQ youth.

Our Role 

Brand Identity Design • Social Media

A Fabulous Story

This Is It!, lovingly called TITs by local Milwaukeeans, is a growing historic LGBTQ+ bar with a vibrant nightlife scene. Having recently expanded their space to include an adjacent property, TITs sought to elevate their social media package to bring in 2020. 

This Is It! Milwaukee, WI.

Lovo Media Labs first teamed up with This Is It! in 2017 to create their 50th-anniversary logo. When they approached us to create their new social media materials and advertisements in 2019, we gladly took the challenge. Together, we established a saturated and visually stunning aesthetic that has increased online engagements and their event attendance.

Developing the Strategy

This Is It! operates more like a family than a nightclub bar. It is full of history and memories, inside jokes and hilarious drag performers. Regulars have become friends, coworkers, and avid supporters. Our work is driven by the vibrant culture that exists in LGBTQ+ spaces and it is reflected in our design choices for its social media ads. It is part advertisement part tongue-in-cheek nods to queer culture. The goal: to bring laughter, appeal, and conversion. 

This Is It!, Tea Time Social Media Banner Design by Lovo Media Labs, 2020

Branding Basics


L‍ogo Design with Supporting Social Media Materials


Pen & Paper, Blender3D, Adobe Suite


For its 50th year anniversary, This Is It! desired to update their brand image while paying tribute to their longstanding history as Milwaukee's longest continually operating gay bar. Lovo Media Labs drew references to their building space and LGBTQ+ history. We felt this was an appropriate tribute to their past, but also queer culture at large.

50th Anniversary Logo for This Is It, Apparel by Lovo Media Labs, 2017

Color Palette

Rainbow colors have a long-standing history in the gay community - each color representing a key trait of their experience and identity: hot pink – sex; red – life; orange – healing; yellow – sunlight; green – nature; turquoise – magic/art; indigo – serenity; and violet – spirit. We used this color system to organize their social media icons.

This Is It!, Social Media Icons by Lovo Media Labs, 2020

Social Media

Developing an aesthetic and look that engages your social media audience is a task that requires dedication to details and faithful repetition of consistent themes and palettes.

This Is It! Happy Hour, Banner Ad by Lovo Media Labs, 2020


Lovo Media Labs developed a brand system and supporting materials to bring This Is It! into their next 50 year era. We reflect this next phase of their business utilizing 3D modeled images and big, bold typographic driven designs that seem to break out of their confined spaces.

This Is It! holds nightly specials and themed events. We create stunning graphics for these events, with a hint of unbridled humor and refined creative direction. Together, we've created social media graphics for almost 50 of their specials and events.

This Is It!, Social Media Design by Lovo Media Labs

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