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give your brand confidence & Direction

Take your business to the next level with an in-depth, long-term plan for the development of your brand. We define your strategy by understanding your business goals and connecting actionable recommendations to help you continue growing.

Be Resonant, not loud

Your audience has about an 8 second attention span that is continuously decreasing. There are many brands out there - it's noisy, and yelling about how awesome your services and products are just do not work anymore.

A solid brand strategy can help you identify your pain points and capitalize on your successes. In short, when you strategically engage your customers at every touch point, your brand becomes the driving force for growth.

Build your brand for longevity & growth

We align your brand strategy with your business objectives to meet long-term goals. Essentially, we create a strategic compass to make informed decisions about your brand to drive higher returns on investment, create high-performing teams, and connect with customers on a deeper level.

Our Proven Process


We explore your company and your industry thoroughly to gain insights the specific pain points and successes of your business.

Brand Map

We apply the results of our research to create a high level brand strategy map that identifies growth opportunities and potential challenges.

Action Items

Using our brand road map, we create a list of action items, each specific to an identified goal.

IMplement & Analyze

Move forward with confidence as you consult your brand strategy map and action plan for business and brand decisions.

pinpoint your target market & position

A brand is comprised of many components - logos, website, print collateral, social media, etc - but this means nothing if you aren't effectively communicating with your target audience. By thoroughly understanding your customers, you empower them to be the driving force behind your brand.

Quickly grow & strengthen your brand

We know that great things can take years to build and establish. At Lovo, we expedite the time it takes to get seen in competitive markets through knowledgable design.

Some of our Common Strategic Deliverables

During our deep dive sessions, we will identify where key opportunities exists. Oftentimes, we establish a need for specific deliverables that might be otherwise undiscovered.


  • Brand Roadmap

    Messaging & Positioning

    Competitive Analysis



    Logo Design

    Brand Guidelines


  • Business Cards

    Marketing Sheets

    Package Design

    Promotional Swag

    Catalog/ Brochure


  • Social Media

    Video Production


    Presentation Deck


  • Website Creation

    Website Design

    Website Update

    SEO Support

    Application Prototyping

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